Many homeowners today have unwanted wallpaper in their homes. Most would love to see it disappear, but believe that it would be too costly and time consuming to remove. While some vinyl wallpaper can pose a problem most wallpaper will come off with one weekend and a couple of simple household items. Honestly, the hardest thing about wallpaper removal is the clean up after.

All you'll need is some hot water in a spray bottle, preferably one with a contentious spray. This will save your hands from becoming too tired from all the spraying. I like to use a insecticide pump-up spray bottle but any kind will work. A flat blade scrapper and some plastic to cover the floors.

First thing you'll want to do is tape the plastic to the floor making sure to cover the whole floor, this will make clean up easier. Then spray down a good size portion of the wallpaper with your hot water. I would say about 4'x4' section. The best place to start is at the ceiling and work your way across the wall and then down. Pick a seam or tear in the wallpaper. Allow the water to set for one to two minutes and then spray again. Now you can use your flat blade scrapper start to removing the top layer of wallpaper. Wallpaper almost always comes off in two layers, the top layer is the decorative side and the second layer is the adhesive side. This is just a thin paper backing with some glue on it. However, in some cases both layers will come off together so be careful not to damage the drywall or plaster underneath. As the wallpaper starts to dry out add more water, the key is to reactivate the glue that is holding the wallpaper to the wall. If the wallpaper does not easily come off you can spray it again and allow it to set a little longer. Work your way around the room until all wallpaper is gone. Allow the mess to set for a little while to dry before you try to clean it up. Dry peaces of wallpaper will sweep off most surfaces easily, use a hand broom to sweep everything to the floor. Remove the plastic from the floor and roll it up, patch any damage to drywall, and you're ready for paint.



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