Many people believe that painting the exterior of their home is pointless. Stating "exterior painting is for looks and I would rather the inside of my home look nice and beautiful, seeing as I do not spend much time outside of the house". Unfortunately this is not as true as most think. As our web site states, exterior painting is not just for looks. A great exterior paint job will protect your home from peeling paint, wood rot due to water damage, bugs, dirt, and yes it looks great as well.

A microscopic pen prick is more than enough room for water to enter the home. Once the water gets in the costly damage has already begun. This causes mold and mildew on the inside of your walls which will lead to an unhealthy environment for you and your family. Wood rot damage will soon after start set in to all surrounding areas both inside and outside your home. Then as weather get colder the water inside the wall will freeze and expand to make the hole bigger allowing more water to enter the home the next time. This will continue until the hole is closed up and sealed from further damage. Peeling paint can have the same effect on the exterior of your home. The exposed siding will quickly begin to soften and rot away.

Simply painting your home is not enough. You must make sure the proper prep work has been done before you can apply any paint. Scraping away all loose paint and then gluing it down with the appropriate product is the only way to ensure that it will not begin to peel again. Water can be the most damaging element to a home that has not been sealed properly. A small amount of water can cause the largest problems, and when left untreated can end up costing more than the home is worth to fix. 


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